White Stone Ceremony 2021

 Spirit Space · White Stone Ceremony At the end of the year we have the opportunity to set ourselves free of the old that no longer serves us. The White Stone ritual allows us to set an intention to bring in newness. Join Pastor Sherry for this beloved tradition....

Christmas Eve Service

Spirit Space · 2020-12-24 This Christmas is so different from all the others, or is it? Join us for this Christmas Eve message. Listen to “Light a Christmas Candle”.

Meditation and Affirmation Celebrating JOY

Spirit Space · Meditation and Affirmation Celebrating Joy The last Sunday before Christmas is the day we light the advent candle for JOY. This message and meditation will assist you on your JOY journey during the Christmas holiday and all year long. Listen to...

Let There Be Light

Spirit Space · 2020-12-13 This is the season of light, festival of lights and advent candle light. How do we show light? Listen to “This Little Light of Mine”, the Christmas edition.

Obstacles into Opportunities

Spirit Space · 2020-12-06 “Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” Joseph Campbell Listen in to learn more. Listen to “Let There Be Peach on Earth” sang by Vince...