The Grounds

of Spirit Space

The Grounds of Spirit Space

We at Spirit Space have been working diligently to honor the land of our home. We have well over 120 different plant species on the property and over 50 are native to the land. This delicate habitat has an abundance of treasured Indian pipes, which are translucent plants that sprouted beautifully for another season. Indian pipes cannot be transplanted.

Our goal for our grounds is to blend together the past, present and future. We honor the wilderness and respect the beautiful gardens that were developed on this property approximately 50 years ago. We also do our best to preserve the species that are struggling for their future.

Balance is the key. Everything is in relationship with everything else. When one thing is strong, everything in relationship with it is strengthened. When one thing suffers, everything in relationship with it suffers.

The grounds at Spirit Space are home to pollinators, butterflies, birds, mammals, frogs, salamanders and more. We are very conscious of their need for both tender plants and mature trees.

Our practices of caring for the grounds include both wild and domestic plantings. We use organic fertilizers, and, in the fall, we save our leaves to make our own mulch and compost.

Education is ongoing as we share the identification of specimen plants which have been used in the wellness of humans.

GoFundMe Campaign for education and preservation.

Woodland Garden Tours Available

Tours Feature:

  • An ice breaker to inspire curiosity
  • Information to support the awareness of the relationships in nature
  • Gardening in a woodland setting
  • Seasonal plants
  • Indian pipes
  • General information on healing plants
  • Proper identification of plants especially plants such as poison ivy
  • And so much more

Our tours are typically an 1 ½ hours but can be customized to your requests. We have tours available for adults and there is a children’s tour as well.

Spirit Space is a church of spiritual oneness that honors oneness in all of humankind. The gardening process at Spirit Space is Oneness Gardening. We are one as a race, the human race. We are one with nature.