Spirit Space Benevolence Fund Policy:

The purpose of the Spirit Space Benevolence Fund is to meet the basic needs of people in our community. We will address the basic needs of our members and non-members, regarding emergency needs caused by unexpected events. Our gifts are intended for temporary help in a time of crisis.

Gifts from the Benevolence Fund will not exceed $400 (or availability of funds), per person or immediate family during a 12 month period. If a proposed gift is to exceed $400, the Board of Directors must approve by a simple majority.

Cash assistance will be avoided. Gifts will be given in the form of Scrip Cards for gas, food, and clothing.

Food Pantry
Our food pantry is open to anyone in need. Food is donated by our members or purchased with funds from our benevolence fund. Please contact Shelley Lackner at 616-402-7850 or sscarecoordinator@gmail.com for more information.