Book Studies

Our book studies meet September-May. Day and times will vary to accommodate as many interested participants as possible.


Aramaic Jesus Classes

Aramaic Jesus Classes – Seven Keys to Understanding Jesus

We are holding Aramaic Jesus classes on the second and forth Saturdays of the month through December. We will meet from 11 AM – 12:30 PM. The classes are as follows:

  • November 10 – The Mysticism and the Practical
  • November 24 – The Culture of Jesus
  • December 8 – The Psychology of the Near East
  • December 22 – Symbolism and Amplification of the Near East

Each week we will listen to a body prayer and learn a new Aramaic word that Jesus would have used often. This study will bring together many aspects to consider regarding Jeshua. The class will touch on world view, psychology, and cosmology of Semitic languages and cultures. We will bring all of this together to get a glimpse of Jesus through a Middle Eastern lens.

Feel free to join one class or the series. We welcome all interested participants.

Cost: Love offering

Call 616-886-2716 for more information.

Some of the recent books that we have reviewed: