Prosperity Class

Our monthly prosperity class resumes on Dec 2.

Our monthly prosperity group meetings meets from 10-11:30am. We will listen to a prosperity story, engage in discussion and create affirmations for our prosperity. This meeting will catapult your mind and provide a new way of prosperous thinking. Call 616-886-2716 for more info.





“Opening the Doors of Your Perception: Your Path to Your Inner Guidance”

Taught by Marianne Huff – Saturdays October 14 – November 18 

This six week course is intended to assist individuals in learning more about intuition and the development of “psychic gifts”—but with the emphasis upon Spiritual development. This course is for anyone who is interested in understanding the different ways of “knowing”—claircognizance; clairaudience; clairvoyance; clairsentience; and how to use divination tools as a way of focusing energy. What role does Spirituality play in the development of psychic gifts? Why is it important to have a spiritual understanding? Why should we develop our spiritual gifts? The course will also provide an overview of certain periods in American and European history when those who were “psychics” and “mediums” were gaining notoriety.

Special Activities

We host potlucks on a quarterly basis following our Sunday Service.

Some of our Seasonal Family Activities:
Decorate a Pumpkin
Decorate for Christmas
Egg Hunt
Summer Campfire

Spirit Space Host Occasional Cooking Activities

All upcoming special activities can be found on our calendar.