Spiritual cleansing baths are a wonderful way to get rid of your stress, and refresh your aura!  An aura, simply put, is the energy mirror of our physical body. It is also the place where we hold our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Your aura is your energy “story”. It is the accumulation of your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and beliefs about the world, and how it is that you fit into it.  Throughout the day we all accumulate energy from the people and places we come in contact with. Energy obstacles (blocks) are created if we don’t rid ourself of these unwanted energies.

When you find yourself feeling moody, lacking energy or feeling ungrounded, it’s a good indication it’s time for spiritual cleansing!  Here are four of my favorite baths for spiritual cleansing that although simple, are quite effective…


Baking soda is a common household product that works wonders around the house and offers a powerful spiritual cleansing. Because baking soda is a natural alkalizer and detoxifier it is a perfect way to cleanse those unwanted negative energies from your aura and return your vibration to neutral. A baking soda bath will leave you with a sense of peace, and balance.

Start with a bath of warm water that feels relaxing to the touch. Add one cup of baking soda to the bath water before you get in, while the water is filling the tub. The running water will dissolve the baking soda and neutralize the acidity in the water. The bath will balance your energy and as an added bonus, will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

I like to say an affirmation while in the tub; usually a simple statement like; “as I soak and relax in my healing bath, all negative energies and obstacles are dissolved”


Apple Cider Vinegar is another perfect natural remedy for removing unwanted energies and energy blocks.
Soaking in Apple cider vinegar detoxifies and restores the ph balance. Its natural cleansing and purifying properties contain vitamins and minerals which are absorbed through the skin, during your bath.

Run a warm bath that is relaxing to the touch. Add 1-2 cups of Apple cider vinegar to the bath water after the tub is full. Ease into the tub and focus on relaxing. Submerge your whole body including your head and the back of your neck.

You can use the same affirmation during this bath.

You can add 5-10 drops of peppermint essential oil to your bath to uplift your senses and help you into a peaceful mindset. Peppermint is also a detoxifier. (It will also neutralize the smell of the vinegar.)


Sea Salt is a traditional bath for spiritual cleansing because of its detoxifying properties.  You can substitute sea salt for Epsom salt if you like. Epsom Salt is high in magnesium and is soothing for aches and pains and sore muscles.

Run a warm bath adding in a handful of sea salt while the water is running.
Salt can dry out the skin so you may want to rub yourself down with a rich oil after your bath. Olive Oil mixed with Lemongrass essential oil nourishes skin and charges your aura with a magnetic quality.


Adding all 3 ingredients together will create an amazing spiritual cleansing bath.

Meditate and relax the rest of the evening after whichever bath you choose, while allowing the healing process to continue.  It’s a great time to settle down with a hot cup of herbal tea and read a good spiritually awakening book and then go to bed early. Healing continues easily, as we relax and sleep.

If you feel extremely tired and heavy before your bath, you may be severely blocked. Using a spiritual cleansing bath for 7 consecutive days will thoroughly cleanse any negative energies and blockages.