What Next?

 Spirit Space · What Next? After the miracle of the resurrection, what is next? Listen to: I Believe in Miracles

Message of Hope

Spirit Space · Message of Hope The resurrection story is one of new beginnings and it is a story of hope. It is our story and our country’s story too! Listen to: An Easter Hallelujah – Cassandra Star & her sister Callahan

Holy Week

Spirit Space · Holy Week As we enter into what Christians call Holy Week and the Jewish faith calls Passover, may we draw our attention to the words of Jesus. This Reasoning will explore the possibility of experiencing this time differently. Listen to: VOCES8: Lux...

Happy Spring!

 Spirit Space · Happy Spring! Our hope is what sustains us. Spring brings light and hope. Join us for reflection and meditation. Listen to: “Psalm 91 Prayer of Protection” on the YAHSown777 Channel