Book Studies

Our book studies meet September-May. Day and times will vary to accommodate as many interested participants as possible.


Our Book Studies Will Resume in the Fall:

Outrageous Openness was our last spring book study.
by: Tosha Silver.

We will be exploring together and cultivating a love affair with “The Divined Beloved” in ways that are juicy and open hearted. This book brings a breath of irreverent fresh air, it is spot on and hilarious as well as exhilarating as it exposes freedom from dogmatic beliefs.

Are you tired of others telling you what to belief? If so, this may be just the spark you need to add the answers from within to expand your core.

To create even more magic, plus to create a deeper connection and integration with the content, an “ART PART” is included each week. Everyone is his or her own artist of unique and original talent and expression.

Our gathering will not only be heart-felt, but fun too! This class will be taught by Mary Dawson-Jackson.

Fridays: 10-noon beginning on January 27 – March 17.

There is a cost of $25.00 for art supplies and an additional $16 if you would like to purchase the book from us. Please register by calling 616-886-2716.

Call 616-886-2716 for more information.

Some of the recent books that we have reviewed: