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Spirit Space is an all-inclusive, Interspirituality, Interfaith, Non-denominational spiritual community learning to reach in so that we may know how to reach out.

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Order Pastor Sherry's book A Voice of Reason at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or from the publisher, Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. The book is also for purchase at Spirit Space.

Quotes From Pastor Sherry and A Voice of Reason
The Fountain of Youth
Mae West had it right when she said “You are never too old to become younger.” The much sought after fountain of youth is in your mind, it is in the love you give and the passion you live. The best way to not grow old is to keep living a life of love and passion. ~Sherry Petro-Surdel

One of the best ways to empower others is to allow them to be themselves. One of the best ways to empower ourselves is to be our self. ~Sherry Petro-Surdel

Spirit Space Tithes
Spirit Space supports the following organizations by giving 10% of our general offerings. We specifically look to promote good work in our community, the country and the world. We have chosen three local organizations, one national organization and one international organization. We also support an animal fund that is used to provide emergency relief.

1. Nestlings Diaper Bank
Nestlings purpose as a Diaper Bank is to provide families and babies in need with essential items used in raising a family in the West Michigan area.

2. Safe Harbor of Allegan
Safe Harbor of Allegan County exists to provide a lifeline to victims of child abuse and neglect.

3. Soulforce
Soulforce is committed to relentless nonviolent resistance to bring freedom to lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender, and queer people from religious & political oppression.

4. El Puente – The Bridge
The Bridge - Helping People Help Themselves.
We are a non-profit organization devoted to supporting disadvantaged children and families in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica. It brings hope, counsel, assistance, and funding to people living at or below poverty level for critical needs, such as education, food, medicine and occupational development.

5. The Spirit Space Benevolent Fund
The Benevolence Fund is available to support the basic needs of people in our community. We support Spirit Space members and non-members with temporary support to address basic needs in a time of crisis.

6. Animal Support/Rescue – Emergency Fund
Our Animal Fund is allocated once a year at the discretion of our Pastor to support animals in need.

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