July Reasonings

Stay healthy and enjoy the summer and this beautiful weather. Pastor Sherry will share a Sunday message each week until we can meet again.

Radically Inclusive







Spirit Space is an Interfaith Spiritual Community that reaches in to reach out.

Spirit Space Labyrinth

Our outdoor labyrinth is complete! Please come check it out. Throughout the winter months, we open our sanctuary with an indoor labyrinth once a month. Please see the calendar of events for more information.

Welcome to Spirit Space

Spirit Space is an all-inclusive, Interspirituality, Interfaith, Non-denominational spiritual community learning to reach in so that we may know how to reach out.

Take a tour of Spirit Space with Pastor Sherry Petro-Surdel!


You are invited to be a part of a unique spiritual community each Sunday. You may wonder what makes us unique. It is that we honor the wisdom of all faith traditions, we honor the wisdom within ourselves which just by nature is individually unique.

Each Sunday Reasoning is unique. Pastor Sherry is an open conduit in which Spirit speaks and often in some unorthodox ways. Her style always invites our spirit to join in. Please consider joining us each Sunday to experience it for yourself.

Upcoming Events

Joy in Taiji (Tai Chi) Movement, Wednesday, TBD Cost: $20

T. Christopher Campbell M.T.J.B.E.T. is teaching a monthly Taiji class beginning on Wednesday, TBD…  He has:

· Studied Chinese philosophy for over 45 years
· Has enjoyed the practice of taiji & qigong for over 30 years
· Is a teacher, mentor and taiji balance exercise therapist trainer

In this class you will:
· Learn the essential ingredients in creating your own taiji practice
· To bring out the natural grace in movement in your being
· Improve balance
· Support overall good health

Where: Spirit Space, 3493 Blue Star Highway, Saugatuck, MI
Cost: $20


GoFundMe Campaign - Help Us Preserve Our Land

Spirit Space seeks our answers from within. We are an Interfaith organization. We work diligently to honor the land of our home. We have well over 120 different plant species on the property and over 50 are native to the land. This delicate habitat has an abundance of treasured Indian pipes, which cannot be transplanted.

Our goal is for education and growth without dogma in all areas. We honor and respect the property of our home and we also do our best to preserve the species that are struggling for their future. We practice oneness in all we do.





Sunday Service & Reasonings


Our Sunday messages are called Reasonings in reference to the biblical passage, Isaiah 1:18: Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord. 

This infers a co-creation experience that welcomes questions and discussion to enhance the opportunity for spiritual growth.  We also appreciate the Rasta spiritual perspective that calls this co-creation process Reasonings to Understand (or as Rastafarians say, “to overstand”) the ways of God.

Group Meditation (Every Wednesday, 6-7pm)
Every Wednesday we meet in our meditation room from 6-7pm.  We begin and end meditation time with live, native flute music.

Join us for the full hour or any part of the time. Call 616-836-1555 for more info or visit our meditation page to learn more.

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Visit the Spirit Space calendar for the latest events and programs.

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